Ask the Experts

This section of the website gathers (or rather, will gather) readings of To the Lighthouse by Woolf experts and narratologists. These readings are intended not as definitive interpretations (what Computational Linguists call “gold standards”), but simply as another set of voices in the conversation mediated by this website. We anticipate no less variety and disagreement among expert readers than among student readers.

For the time being, the only “expert” readings available are those of Adam Hammond, co-creator of The Brown Stocking. These were prepared in August 2013, shortly before the launch of the website. They had not yet been prepared at the time students performed their own annotations; as such, due to what Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington famously called the “arrow of time” (a term he coined in 1927, incidentally, the same year that To the Lighthouse was published), they did not influence student annotations. They were created using an early version of our “Have Your Own Say” tool. They in no sense represent an “official” interpretation of the novel. (In fact, they demonstrate a somewhat idiosyncratic sense of FID.)

Understanding Our Visualizations

For more on reading our editions, see the “Understanding our Visualizations” page.